Cheap VW Phaeton – Yes or No?


ah, with a newer one you do feel obliged to use the main stealer, sorry dealer.




I couldn’t get over that even if it was half the price of petrol.


LOL the FatOne. All the costs of a prestige car, but with none of the prestige.

Man up and buy a Quattroporte. :grinning:


Definitely the nicest of what’s available at the money. As an ex Maserati owner I can confirm repair and maintenance costs will make a Range Rover seem sensible.


Have you thought about a Jag?


If you like Range Rovers, why not buy a Toerag? :crazy_face:


There’s a reason its cheap as chips now it’s old - it’ll break and have 100K car repair bills, just like a 7 series, A8, S class etc. Have you never seen the Top Gear episode where Clarkson got a cheap old Merc CL600?..


Er…because I like a Range Rovers!


So what you’re saying is - go for it?


Dint read all the bits in between - get a Range Rover, you clearly love them, (as do I).



Have you considered a brown Volvo estate?


of course


I’ve been pondering this. I’d get one, but I’d want a well looked after one with FSH.


Bought one yet?






If you want a cheap VW buy a Porsche.


You’ll have to go into hiding for that one, the porker massif will be after you…