Cheap VW Phaeton – Yes or No?




Toyota Camry
Lexus LS400/430
Hyundai Sonata
Ford Mundano


Fuck, no
Yes, most likely. :neutral_face:

An earlier post in this thread actually got me thinking and I found a likely Skoda Superb candidate not 10 miles from where I live. With a proper V6 petrol engine and everything. Sadly I’m stuck in the arse end of Ireland until tomorrow and it looks like it sold this morning. :angry:


Nissan Murano 2006. £1785. Auto trader


The Mazda Xedos. 2.0 V6 Autotrader. Is now £995 :heart_eyes:


Two words. The second one is ‘off’



It’s nice but has a few too many historic corrosion-related MOT issues for my liking.