ChelseaDaves record sale batch D


On this batch it is a maximum of 3 records per person between 7 - 7.30pm

At 7.30pm I’ll say Now Open and you can fill your boots then.

This batch is £10 each and has some great blues albums in.

This is the last record sale til next Monday.

Around 3 batches left after this one.

There will be a raffle near the end of these sales,a 24 hour auction on a box set,and around 20 very nice cds/sacds that will be sold individually.

Pretty sure no one reads these really :grinning:

Remember,3 picks only til 7.30




Is there anything we need to know in advance, Stu?


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Clapton slowhand

JLH whiskey and women

Deep purple

other calapton boulevard

Gone, or if not I will have the Johnny cash

Lucinda Williams please

Two stones one for me pleSe

albert king born under a bad hand

No mercy

BB King Live at Regal
Lightening etc 1st Meet of Blues Giants
Muddy Waters Missippi Waters Live

Albert king live wire blues power

van Morrison duets

Highway 61

Leonard Cohen Ten songs

weepin willie at last on time

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