Anyone here been to Chicago in the last few years? Anywhere to recommend/avoid?

My daughter has a friend in Hegeswich which her friend says isn’t a great area…

Not in a very long time, but if you’re going, drinks up the John Hancock tower is quite a thing.

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Been several times in the last 5 yrs (pre covid) for work. How long are you there for?

Check what time of year you are going.
A friend sent me some pics a couple of years ago when he was there, it was so cold it was dangerous to go outside!


I was there about 20 years ago (I know, more than the last few…) and went to a blues bar called Blue Chicago which was ace :sunglasses:

It’s still there so could be worth a look:

I was thinking about 2 weeks over Easter but I’ll go and check the weather now ….

If she can, go to Wrigley Field to watch the Cubs. A lovely experience even if you don’t like sport or baseball. I’ve been to Chicago about 20 times - always for work though and haven’t actually spent any time there as a tourist. It’s a great city though, much prefer it to NYC.