I’m a bit stunned to see what has just happened in Christchurch. What a vile, cowardly act. I have family and friends there so hopefully all are OK. Perhaps this might encourage some of our less enlightened political figures to temper their language, but I doubt it.

40 dead and 20 injured…


Was following it through the night. These things are all too commonplace in other parts of the world but this is doubly shocking for it to happen in Kiwiland.

Shocking and awful news to wake up to.

Yes, extremely sad.


Just terrible.

It is tragic to imagine the loss of 40 people. Impossible to imagine the grief of 40 family’s, hundreds of friends & colleagues who’s lives will be traumatized (The ripples of which affect countless others.)
What is possible is to see how hatred, in all but the most forgiving, brings hatred. Humanity looses

My heart is sad.
Vile, vile right wing cunts.

BBC now reporting 49 dead :frowning_face:

Very ver sad, such a large number.

Seems the Bangladeshi cricket team were in one of the mosques at the time of the shooting All are reported safe, but the test match against NZ has been cancelled…

Dreadful killing of innocent people by sick attention seekers whose aim is to try to make things worse rather than better. Records of these people’s actions and views need to be driven off the web as quickly and thoroughly as possible.



Jacinda Arden calling it straight.


oh my gosh … just seen this … what an utter tragedy

Can’t believe he filmed it all and you can find and watch it. Bad enough it’s in the news but knowing the sad bastard live streamed it…
Horrific. Thankfully this lone wolf stuff is rare. Expect to see a lot of cops out near you local

Absolutely awful, poor people.

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Have only seen the headline thus far but what a despicable act. My heart goes out to the people of New Zealand.

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My wife and I have seen the video. It’s gruesome at times but she said to me it was strangely ok to watch: shootings have become so graphic on video games and films that it just didn’t seem real.

Yet it was real. We have become so desensitised to violence on screen.


Jacinda Ardern. “We will change our gun laws”

A welcome change from the usual ‘thoughts and prayers’ bollocks.