Classifieds deleted

I listed a few things in the classifieds and so far as I can see they have been deleted?

Can a mod please shed some light on this for me please?

Hey mate, was just replying to your post.

I spoke to Jon earlier and he’d decided a while back he didn’t want any trade ads in the classifieds.

It came after Simon Shilton was advertising various items a few months ago, apparently. These got deleted too.

SJS has been running ads since April. He’s ok though I guess.

Can you do me a favour for old times sake and delete my profile please? Had my Wigwam done too. Nothing toys from the pram, just sick of forums these days.

Take care mate,


Aw, don’t do that.


Has he? I’ve not seen any or had any flagged up.

Er, yeah if you want :confused:

That’s a bit of a shame all round.

My 2 pennorth obvs.


This thread is a bit disappointing to say the least…


I like Ciderpig. He is nice. We should keep Ciderpig. That would be dead good.


Bloody hell, where have you been? Actually, probably best you don’t answer that. Welcome back.

I have been doing stuff. Doing stuff is good.

All goodish with you?

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Tolerable, if slightly yellow about the extremities…

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Tolerable is not so bad. Is it an improving tolerable or a middling tolerable?

I’m fucking livid the Mr. MWS AA wives SPA ad got taken down

Slow and steady tolerable, with the extra slow to be honest.

Yep, this.

I do hope it improves.

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When I read the title I thought the “fat finger” had struck again :rolling_eyes:

Appreciate you don’t post much these days Jack, but neither does Bumtell and he sticks around like shit to a blanket.

You never know when you might need some useless hifi advice! :crazy_face:


Is there a big issue with a couple of trade members who’ve been here for ages posting adverts?

In my defence when I first posted a trade advert I wasnt aware of the forum ethos. :flushed:

It was brought to my attention and I havent touted since.

The classifieds which are still in place are my personal kit, rather than trade activity. Hopefully this is ok.