Need a decent set of clippers to shave my head - any recommendations? Ideally I’d shave to a 0.5.




Seconded, I would also recommend mains powered rather than rechargeable.


i’d recommend broadcasting the haircut live on the internet

Would it be a clip clip?


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Weirdly the £25 POS Remington things are very effective, but I don’t think they make them any more.

However, yes, Wahl are cool. Just dispense with the guard altogether. I think these were about £35. There’s no need to go bananas.

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you know you want to…

Prolly too late already, but don’t buy Wahl - at least not the ones for humans - I know this sounds like a pisstake, but their dog clippers are shitloads better! I bought both, and the ones for humans are shitty garbage compared to the similarly priced dog ones! Fucking mad as it sounds. I’ll see if I can find the model I got for Max’s woolly mane and post it up!

This is what you want - needless to say the cunt’s out-of-stock, but I’d honestly wait!

PS: corded clippers are a pain in the cock - fuck that off

:thinking: Are you sure…you might be needing some hair of the dog.


I think you’re barking up the wrong tree mate…

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£109 !! your aff yir baldy heid :grinning:

I’ve been using the normal ones for decades without any probs



Yes - Wahl I have had the same pair 35 years

And you only had to change the blades an the handle a couple of times.


I bought these from Amazon last week for £43 but they’re now out of stock. Good design. Work well.

Being a pro on all things hair, I’d say wahl, but it depends on the density of hair

Ex wife worked at John friedas , and they used wahl, but professional version which are a different beast

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