CNC all the things


Gosh. You seem bearable.


Possibly heavily-medicated.


Started the final shaping and polishing.


He is American, of course he is.


Much is explained :+1:

They look nice . . . . just a pity about them standing-waves, tho’…


You’ve never shown them your personality spreadsheet, have you?




That’s not how it works.


It is Delicious B8 - you must take it :ok_hand:


He can put a bit of sugar on his belly button, then he’d be navel glazing…


The standing waves look like they’re going left-right in the left hand cabinet but all over the place in the right hand one. What’s that about ?



Grain orientation M8 :+1:

Schoolboy error.


Is that like when people use carpet underlay to line their cabinets but put the wrong gripper rods in ?



Are you TRYING to upset me? :confounded:

I need to go and lie down somewhere now… . . . . . .


Ultrasonic RCM bits for @Spider


Front panel for a Dsp crossover, slow going milling the pockets out the back but got there in the end. Some practice with some spare material I managed to dial it in to cut clean with minimal clean up.


That looks familiar :grinning:


Yeah, @coco’s favourite. Quite tempted by one for myself.


I much prefer the idea of a PC crossover than the Najda, but I realise it’s a personal thing.


I have the PC crossover, but I kind of like the one box/pre solution too. And the cost isn’t to bad considering.