CNC all the things


My view was always slightly pro-PC, but it’s much stronger now I have the all in one PC with touch screen. It’s quiet, powerful (enough to run a much more sophisticated crossover than Nadja) and the whole thing has been completely stable.


Yeah, it’s not very all in one as I use a
PCI aes interface to an apogee Rosetta 8 channel adc/dac. It’s completely stable, can handle all the taps and room correction etc, main downside is I’d like an analogue volume control.

But still, quite like the Najda.


Did you see that NP is doing DIYAudio versions of B4 & B5 analogue crossovers including a 1 box 3 way?


I’d read about them, but I think they were 12db which isn’t much use.


I think there was mention of different slopes, can’t find where at the moment though.



Fuckin’ sick, that.


Nice work :+1:


@Ijrussell popped in with his Aleph 60 mono blocks to wire up the balanced inputs. The front panels fell victim to the CNC machine.


Stunning. Those put some manufacturers cases to shame. :+1:




Modushop cases, very nice really.


Beautiful job


Well, since it was all setup :smiley:


Definitely prefer the without handles look but they do make shifting them around so easy.


Funny, I prefer the look industrielle…




I seem to have acquired 5 of them and filled with stuff somehow.


Much win happening here :+1:


Have come by one of these:

Seems that they’re pretty well regarded and many folks covert them to CNC operation, just needs 3 stepper motors, a mounting kit and an Arduino-based controller/motor drivers.

It’s quite small, Will be useful for making badges and PCB prototypes, if nothing else.

Will post some pics when I start.