CNC all the things


It’s for Dave :smiley:


Yes, it’s intentional, to distinguish the load sockets from the in/out. In practice the load is in parallel with the primary anyway, so not a big deal to mix them up, but I thought it was nice to do it anyway.

Coming along…


Nice! What are the transformers?


The dog bone ‘Bean can hurt locker’ is an opus work Pete, better than anything on Pornhub right now.


Slagle silver 1:80




It looks reassuringly enormous and bomb-proof. Nice work!!


Yes its reassuring to know that when all life on earth is extinct, and the sun has all but spent its energy, that the last remains of human civilisation in the solar system will be various Coco-san ‘built to last’ audio components…


Looks lovely :heart::+1:


What’s the black outer case Pete? ABS plastic?


Slintered unobtainium with a hardened plutonium glaze at a guess.




Ah, shit. I had a tenner at 25/1 that it was platinum.

Dave, where is your pride?


I tried to talk Dave into Gunmetal…


The very least it should be!



At least it’s BTJ. On my silver Slagle SUT, Pete marked the in/out/load with a felt tip pen :cry:



I have a gold Sharpie if you fancy a bling upgrade


It was a lot more expensive without any advantage and I would have to polish it every day.




Au contraire - it’s much shinier!