CNC all the things


That’s a great logo


Would love one of those machines


Reminds me of this logo


Makes me think of these


Makes me think of this. For the trainspotters its the headlight on the prototype Deltic.


Armboard for Terminator airbearing tonearm made yesterday.


Oooh, Rick will be happy :slight_smile:


Terminator armboard mkii
This one has three point clamping built into collar.
I’m happier with this one.


Thinking about a plywood stack version of the little speakers, corian front and back.


Plywood ordered :sob:


How long will each ‘leaf’ take to machine?


About 3-4mins of machine time, I have ordered the sheets so I can do two layers at a time, so 10 to 15 mins in total including loading the sheets. 18 layers, so a few hours.


Pretty quick overall though. Do bigger and better machines go faster?


Yes and they can load a much bigger sheet, it’s the setup that takes the time as always rather than the cutting out.


But if you’re doing multiple copies then setup only happens once yes?


I mean loading the sheet and securing it, then starting up the cycle. I will have to do it 18 times when on a large machine you could probably just do it once.


Ah, gotcha.

Still quicker than a jigsaw or router


Oh yes, my machine is fairly quick, it could go faster but I run it so I can hit stop fast enough should something go wrong. Now I have a vacuum attachment it’s a pleasure to use.


What size sheet can you work with?


500x450 ish.