CNC all the things


Not bad. How deep can you go?


Z clearance is about 150-200mm, Z travel is about 120mm I think, so the main limitation is the tool length.

I haven’t really done anything thicker than 18mm ply.


Is it just router blades, or does it do laser as well?


Does it have adjustable speed or do you set the cut depth less for harder material?


No laser just a router.

Router is on an inverter 5000-20000rpm.


Are these vastly expensive? I’m guessing they take up a fair bit of real estate?


Depends what you want to do with it, the machines that will handle wood aren’t that expensive really:

If you want to hog out aluminium/steel or turn things then you are talking about machine centres that are 10s/100s of thousands.


Project or lemon?


In all honesty no idea, My knowledge is pretty much limited to hobby/self built machines using bits off ebay :smiley:

In theory, so long as the linear drive/bearings etc is all in good condition it might be ok, but rather hard to tell.


Get one,and a mini engraver


I want a Datron.


That would be adequate


Both armboards for Terminator finished today.
Ready for fitting to Acoustic Signature Turntable.


Terminator armboard is situ.
It sounded excellent, there might be something in this linear tonearm business.



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I think this is a red herring. The real problem with Decca carts is alignment. They are very sensitive to being misaligned and their design makes it difficult to get right. I’ve heard Deccas sounding wonderful and awful in all sorts of arms.


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