CNC all the things


Haha, I have actually.


You might have other cloddishings and oafishings they could take into account in mitigation while they are coming up with an appropriate sentence. OTOH it is a shame nothing important (like the whole site for example) was deleted in a sudden attack of drive-by Duh.



The first slice of a speaker cabinet?


Yep, spent this afternoon having a tidy up of the CNC room and sorting out the Z axis.


Are you going to rely on glue for assembly or use a mechanical fixing?

Plenty of surface area so a good glue should be fine.


Just glue, we shall see how it goes :grinning:


As your cutting so accurately, put some locating dowels in the layers, it’ll make building much easier :+1:


Its recessed to take a corian front and rear panel, that will locate everything. To add doweling would be a pain, the cutter I use doesn’t like to drill, so it would mean lots of tool swaps.


Slot for a biscuit ?


Then I would have to machine both sides which is a pain, and probably not an issue but I really hate the idea of voids in a speaker cabinet wall.


It’s surprising how much these layers will wander without at least 3 locating points, fine on dry fitting but once you have some glue between them and clamping pressure they move all over the place. Short of locating dowels you could dry fit and align with some clamps and then drill for 2 or 3 screws which might help, remove after and dowel through to fill voids. Or if you have a router and a bearing cutter just make all layers above the bottom offset by .5 or 1mm and run the router around it. The design would have to work on the internal radii so that the chosen router bit would go around it but that would give good results and also neatly clear the glue lines/any squeeze out. Also a solid top to use to clamp onto would give an even pressure with say 5 or 6 clamps.


Test for @coco


I really need two of those for my SIT amp and the PSU.


Prefer the right hand font, looks cleaner.


It’s the same font as far as I know, Pete supplied the drawing.



OK, Lighting then, looked different in the pic


Yeah, and the tool paths are a bit messy.


I want a couple of badges like that for my R2Rs, except the text should read FAFF TRONIC and the round bit should look like a tape spool.

No rush, Saturday will be fine. :wink:


The word “TAPE” on the left and “UNT” on the right would work well.