CNC all the things


I would go for CU NT


You are missing the centre design which looks like a C

REEL on the left and UNT on the right would be best!


The way the light catches that it looks like ’ COCO SANE’



Very nice,but needs the cs from captain scarlet logo in the middle



Wow. Is that my amp?


A pedant replies: the logo is in fact the Spectrum Organisation logo. Captain Scarlet was an employee/agent of said organisation and as such he had no logo of his own.

Carry on.


Top pedantry :joy:




Great stuff.

Love it.


Love it.
Be out on mine tomorrow
Some tonearm collar’s and Velvet Vortex parts to make.


Is that real time Edd or speeded up?


Real time.



Walls look a little thin, especially the back one. If I was doing my own, I would be tempted to make a stupid thick box.


It’s 20mm on the sides. Front and back will have a slab of 12mm Corian.




Got a quote for some of the stuff for the new house that included a Krion bathtub.


Aren’t composite systems like that much better for resonances? I think they are.


Corian is pretty good acoustically, more importantly it machines on the cnc really well.

This is the third pair of these speakers I have built, the first, as seen at my last bake off, was just an 18mm ply box with a corian top and baffle. The second set, that Ian has and as seen at the Settle gathering and various bake offs, was the same but all corian.

Each project I try and push my cad skills a little further, so I fancied a stacked ply speaker so I could figure out how to do it so I can make stacked ply horns, and it should look nice, and sound as good as the previous pairs.