CNC all the things


28 down 8 to go.


Some stacked beech ply 160hz elliptical LC flares, this is just the front section they will extend further back when I get round to doing it…probably 200kg each and 1m 20 across at the mouth…


They look very good. What sort of tolerance does it achieve?


Exactly, I would love to make something similar I just need to improve my cad cam skills a bit :smile:


Some big round ones,these are in birch…


Whoah ! That must take some class machining.


Some smaller 425hz EJMLC flare with brass adapters for S2 units.


You bet, machined front and back on a massive machine and over £1k in materials :slight_smile:


Not all that sure, 0.05mm at a guess on the aluminium. On wood seems more like 0.5mm depending on how fast I run the machine and how worn out the cutter is.


How much time did you spend sanding them?


A lot:)…it’s why they aren’t finished yet, my arms gave up on me… 90hz versions would be interesting.

Spent the summer on the balcony a few years back finishing the round ones off. Not sure I really like the look of the purple phenolic resin on the birch which is why I moved over to using the more expensive beech.

There is some nice joinery in them though on the roll back.


They look like something Henry Moore might have come up with.


The wife saw them and commentedf they looked like Barbra Hepworth works, which is pretty close :laughing:


She’s definitely closer than I was.


Well they were married…


No they weren’t…


I blame the wife, she was the one who told me :laughing:


That’s my default position too, as long as she’s not listening…




I think that the next challenge should involve an oak tree, a lathe, a chainsaw and some vernier calipers only.