CNC all the things


I highly recommend the Corian ™ version. It’s ace. :slight_smile:


No motivation to cut out the front and rear panels. So rendered them in the desert.




Nobody wants moist speakers.


Fusion 360 is really pretty great.


Maybe I will actually glue something tomorrow.


You want to hope Stronzetto isn’t reading that. He’ll be there like a rat up a drainpipe.


One stack done, second in progress.

Plan is to add the deadmat and cut the foam while it is easy to access, then glue on the ends and front and back panels then sand it all smooth.


Looking really good Edd. Cool how the braces work as well.


When are you gonna do some man sized speakers? You must have run out if cats to bury by now?



Big Fun Horns FTW


Some of us live in a world where size of speakers has to be less than size of house/1.5.


Eventually, I will stop making these little speakers when people stop buying them. Next project is probably something based on these:

Then giant horns. Maybe.


They needn’t be THAT big…


They really do. Or they aren’t horns.


If you want to build me a pair of these I am open to it.

Altec Lansing A7


To quote a pal from Audiokarma.

The history of the LaScala (and Heresy) must be taken into account; as you may know PWK developed the Heresy and LaScala during WW II when he worked for the Army munitions bureau in Hope Arkansas. They were intended to be used against fanatical Japanese defenders in caves and bunkers but the Army decided the use of the Heresy against the Japanese was inhumane and decided to use flamethrowers, gasoline and satchel charges instead.

Even though the Army decided against using the Heresy-Scala weapons system in it’s drive across New Guinea and into the Phillipines the Navy did consider the system for Marine Corps use in the Navy’s Central Pacific drive. But Admiral King, always jealous of Navy perogatives in the Pacific War, decided against using a weapon developed by the Army.

Patton, in late 1944 while his Third Army was bogged down reducing the fortresses of Metz, asked the War Department for the Heresy-LaScala system but since the system had not been put into production he had to wait while an effort was made to cobble a few together (by this time attitudes toward the Germans had hardened considerably over those of 1942-43). Before the Heresys reached the European Theater the stalemate at Metz was broken and the war entered it’s final highly mobile phase with the breakout across the Rhine and into Germany; a mode of war for which PWK’s weapons were unsuited.

After the war American teams spread out across western Germany to find evidence of rumored German “V Speakers” but though Klangfilm had a small program Hitler was fixated on von Braun’s rockets and the German speaker weapon project was stillborn, especially after several of Klangfilm’s top engineers were killed in an accident trying to make “werewolf” crossover capacitors filled with T Stoff.

“Bomber” Harris, the brutal and ruthless head of Britsh Bomber Command, heard of the Heresy-LaScala system and wanted to fit Lancaster bombers to drop over German cities loads of Heresys fitted with miniature vacuum tube radio receivers tuned to a station in London that would broadcast Gilbert and Sullivan songs. He thought this would strike a bigger blow against German morale than the firebombing of German cities. His vision of a thousand bombers over Berlin releasing hundreds of thousands of Heresys screeching “I"m the very model of a modern Major General” is terrifying indeed. Unfortunately for Harris the best British electronic talent was at work on radar and Enigma and the engineers assigned to the program soon fell out arguing whether the Heresy sounded worse with single ended or push-pull amplification. This squabbling torpedoed the development and the scheme was dropped, as was a similar British scheme to do the same job cheaper with Mosquitos dropping Lowthers."


Cabinets would probably be easy enough, I had been thinking about some VOTTs. The main issue is drivers, TD15m would work, but £400 each.


Would want decent drivers, not mega bucks but decent.


Decent isn’t so much the issue as specs.

Should work, about £150.00 each.