CNC all the things


I meant the praise :grin:


:smile: duh, I thought you meant the arm board thickness which I was already day dreaming about.


each to their own:wink:


Amplifier Lid.


Haha, delightfully mad.


That’s totally fucked. But in a good way :thumbsup:


Valves for eyes FTW.

Or bright blue LEDs to annoy @ICHM.


Homer Simpson?


Is it for @Jim or @OzzyOzzyOzzyOiOiOi?


A comment on hipsterdom, the bell on the head I mean?


It’s more @Jim. I am now clean (ish) shaven :grin:


It’s the Teribil audio logo my website. I’m also guilty of sporting a hipster beard when I can’t be bothered to trim it.

Really I was just wondering how well it would engrave a design onto painted metal, it would probably work better on something anodised but it worked well enough.


More Stronzetto I would have thought


Apologies, I hadn’t made the link - Site looks interesting


No worries, its all tongue in cheek. Bell on the head sums it up pretty nicely :smiley:

The site is mostly because I forget stuff, I need my own tutorials when I break things or reinstall software.


Work in progress, was asked by the mother in law to make something for her friend, its become known as a god bothering plank.

Cherry wood with a few coats of Danish oil so far. Never really made anything from hard wood so just a small project to start off with.


That looks really good Edd. Really professional.


Nice :+1:, is it mother Shipton?


Could you make one with our own Bearded Mother Theresa?


Barry Gibb.