CNC all the things



Had a little go with hornresp. The black line is the original Altec driver, Faital pro the grey. Close enough.

The TD15m would work really well:


Had a go at modelling the Yuichi 290hz horn. Need some smoothing on the profiles but its a start.


What is the exchange rate Yuichi:Turan?


Not sure, until I break the models down into cut sheets not all that sure how much material is involved.

Obviously mdf would be a lot cheaper than decent birch ply.

The other thing that has caught my eye is the solid wood kitchen tops on eBay.


You may be able to buy sink/hob cut-outs from kitchen suppliers.


I think that the way the strips of wood are connected together using a zigzag system will either look deeply cool or fucking awful once CNC’d into a profile. No idea which though!


I would imagine it would resemble the ones Yuchi built.


I thought you were talking about using lCNC’d layers like your recent efforts.


For the mid/hf horn what about using a second hand oak table ?
Generally they are 28mm thick material I have just bought a lovely one like new for £75
Now bidding on a second one below.


Yes layers of work top. He made layers of lamited blocks then shaped them with a power planer. I’d just do it on the cnc.


It might, but this bit:


might look a bit odd. Not sure.


Ah hadn’t spotted that. Wickes sell them too, might go and have a look.


My local timber merchant does oak railway sleepers 120 x 220mm x 2.4m for £40, would they work?


They won’t be seasoned.


which one is that?


The planed stuff is much more expensive: Oak American White pse 44 x 294mm (approx. finished size) is £70 per metre. Might work well though, and be easier to machine than thick stuff.



Have a look at Bamboo work tops from a resonance point of view


I’m sure most things would work. I’m probably too lazy to to make up a laminate though.

The main limitation is the height clearance of the machine and length of tool possible. Not sure I can work on much thicker than 40mm layers I need to have a measure up and see what cutters are available.

I’ll build the first one from mdf just to see how it goes.


How accurate could you get the curved surfaces? I mean in terms of minimising sanding. Sure looks a lot of effort!