CNC all the things




Bet that cape is the same colour as @Jim’s varicose veins.
Gambling on any other blood filled protrusions is too hideous to contemplate though.


I haven’t got any, that’s why I look so good in shorts :grin:


How are you programming it to produce something like that? Is there software now that can take the details of a 3D scan & convert it into a cutting program for your miller in the way that some 3D printers can?


I’m not an artist, at all. In this case I sourced a 3D model, in stl format,

There are all kinds of stl files floating round, ebay sellers with 100s of decorative shapes.

The rest was done in CAM software, the basic shape is cut out with a regular end mill, then the rest was cut with a 3mm ball end mill.

Good example

I built a 3D printer a while ago, it gave me a good head start with cad/cam.


One of my slower to do projects, a small 2-way speaker.

Baffle and top will be Corian.

I love the tolarances around the driver and port fits, previously something I’ve been useless at with a hand held router.


A little more progress on the speakers.


The finish on them is far too posh.
What you need to do is paste some graph paper on there.


I might have a useable pair of speakers sometime this year, maybe.


Not the size of a house.
I am disappoint.


It’s mostly a small project to learn how to use the cnc machine. House scale speakers come later.


Aaah, so these are the equivalent of an airfix scale model. :thumbsup:


No these are ‘far away’.


I kinda fancy these next:


Could you cnc me a pair of mpingo ear plugs for Leonards’ aaac? Likely still sound shit :slight_smile:


Keep your premature spurting to yourself and yer Maw there Stu. Wait until @LeonardSmalls has released the funk upon us before giving it the full money shot of your angst and hatred.


I’m getting more and more tempted by a spot of Last Exit…
The Noise of Trouble could even be heard in all its glory in the Balkans!


Every time I look at this thread I look around my workshop and imagine all the things that could be fettled so nicely with some CNC chicanery. I hope you don’t mind me asking but what kind of sizes can you manage on your machine?


The working area is around 450mm x 450mm x 150mm, It can fit stock up to 600mm.