CNC all the things


I think Mrs VB might throw a serious fit if I ran my router in any of the house’s carpeted rooms !



That’s actually inside one of his speakers…


It’s not in the house as such. Attached to the house are what used to be stables which were converted, it’s a useless room so I fill it with junk and a cnc machine.


couldn’t you turn the useless external room into a giant outdoor subwoofer?


No but I have been considering using the toilet that backs onto my lounge as such :slight_smile:


Careful now…





The sacred number ‘24’ an excellent diameter for bass drivers and pizzas


And you still need a subwoofer…


Top plate for LP12 machined from solid block of aluminium with a CNC machine by Tangerine Audio. £5000. :flushed:
Get cracking Edd!


I think it is the whole plinth including the top plate for £5000 Dave. Bargaintastic!




I have a LP12, mine would have to be polished and not black.


Does it fix all the shit that’s wrong with an LP12?


No, only a nice hat can do that


Nope. It tuns an LP12 into a metallic version of triggers broom. That must ring like a bell for a start…


Polished you say? As in shiny? Perhaps chromed?


£20,000 for the complete Turntable. :nerd_face:


Don’t bag it too much, it is completely free of wonk.