CNC all the things



I did daydream about a cnc chassis for my 401 like artisan fidelity make for the 301.

Alas my machine isn’t really built for hogging out huge chuncks of aluminium, with some additions like a coolant system and a cover it would be ok, but it would still take days.


With some bits of marble and cut glass in there somewhere.


Wot no onyx?


Nope. I do like this I have though :star_struck:


Fat Bob?


How rude


That’s the new “Fat Cunt” turntable.


Does it come with a free clipboard?


PD drivers are bloody brilliant. I may get some 15" ones for my bass horns.

Had some a few years back. They work well in quarter waves


Needs gold finishing touches


Current mids are PD107s, sound great.


Shame I don’t work in engineering anymore the 5 axis hitachi sieki I used to work would have pissed this out of solid billet in about 40 minutes.


Yeah, work has lots of lovely machine centres, as do the machine shops I regularly visit, unfortunately one off pricing for such things is eye watering.


I don’t have much hands-on experience with Al alloy. Do you have to be careful with choice of grade or production technique (e.g. rolled vs cast) to avoid the thing creeping horribly out of shape as you cut metal away ? Or do you just rough cut most of it out then go back and do the final skim to finish it to size ? Or do you have to bugger about with annealing ? I once tried to get someone to CNC me some high-voltage electrodes in 304 stainless. They had to be carefully profiled in one (short) dimension and dead straight in the other (long) one. Keeping them straight was a nightmare. Every time they came off the machine they’d curled.



Its mostly just feeds and speeds. If the chips form right they take a lot of the heat away, combine that with the liberal use of coolant I don’t believe things warping is much of an issue.

Most of my experience however is manual machines which is much easier.


What are the bass units?


B&C 18PS76


Just need to cnc the terminal plates and I should be able to run them active.

Still waiting on some passive crossover parts.


Looking good…