CNC all the things



Do you mind?



Hey…at least I didn’t mention prog.


I’m alright now, it was just the shock. When expecting some photos of some nice DIY the mere mention of the f-word can be a lot to deal with.

As you were, nothing to see here…


Do not diss the flute.



Remaining inductors arrived.


Where’s the unicorn pubes?



Great, get it cryoed. :+1:




So cool
Ed it looks awesome.


What’s a “gamand”? Some kind of revolving bacon?




Its more tender, because it comes from idler pigs.


You wish!




New piece of birch ply cut out for the 401 to mount the spare tone arm I had (Audioquest PT-6)


Little project, bought this DIY Pass F5 missing a power supply.

New CRC power supply and transformer mostly fitted, just needs wiring up and biasing.


Setting the bias of the F5, much easier with 3 meters.


That looks like something out of The Anarchist Cookbook :grinning:

How much does one of those Garrard turntable hats cost?


I don’t really sell stuff, money is boring, if people ask nicely I make one, then if you feel like paying for it you can pay me something :slight_smile:

The main cost is patience, I usually takes me a while to get round to things.