'Comedy' ebay auctions

Buy now at half price before the increase to 2 million :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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holy fuck


You bastard you made me watch 30 seconds of that :grinning:

I watched them all, its fucking fantastic.


Ok Ill watch them tomorrow :+1:

Did you watch the one with the girls in swimsuits?

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Nooooo - Im relaxing with some good tunes and beer I dont want to disappear down some insane rabbit hole. :grinning:

It was excellent. Not a million miles away from free jazz, so you should love it.

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Praise indeed :grinning:

What the fuck have I just watched?!

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Reminds me of this weird hoax/sale


Not Ebay but this is so fucking mental that I had to post it somewhere. Anyone have a scooby???

It is a fried ice cream machine. He wants to sell it.


Right, thanks for clearing that up

Me and my best mate have a longstanding ongoing competition to send each other the worst postcards and calendars ever. The problem is that there are too many knowingly bad ones like that, where the real joy is one something that takes itself seriously like this.

While I am here, @OzzyOzzyOzzyOiOiOi?

Oooh nice.

Two things concern me;

  1. Its some poor saps business thats gone belly up
  2. This would require me to turn my joy/fun/hobby into a business.

Its no from me.

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Ive been to a few of the Wilsons auctions and bought a lot of shite I dont need. Danger of auctions, in my mind, is that you think you are winning something, beating someone else and cementing yourself as an alpha male top bidder. Nothing could be further from the truth. Demonstrates the craziness of the human mind.

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