Comet C/2020 F3 "NEOWISE"

If you’re still up, and have an uninterrupted view of the northern horizon, there is a superb comet currently visible - spottable with the naked eye, just east of north and quite low in the sky (or a little west of Auriga if you know your constellations) - grab some bins and take a look. Sam got a reasonable shot with her mobile!



Image courtesy of Jamie Cooper


If only it were 100 miles across and heading straight for London. :frowning_face:

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I think it’s due to be visible in the evening from tomorrow

We need to check when that is so we can have a look as well.

It’s low on the horizon earlier in the evening, so will be very weather-dependent, it’ll rise through the night and slide eastwards. to the naked eye it looks like a vertical streak of cloud with a not-very-bright star at its base. It’s no Haile-Bopp in brightness, but the plume is classic comet.

If you’re still up at 4-ish Venus will be up, then as you head west Mars, the Moon, Saturn and Jupiter. If you have decent bins and steady hands 3 Jovian moons are clearly visible.

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Visible again tonight :+1:

Couldn’t see the fuck, gave up. I think at this time of night it is in the direction of Ashford from us, so too much light. Nice to be mooching about the fields after dark though. :+1:

I went out 11ish and despite knowing exactly where it was struggled to spot it straight away. It’s quite low on the northern horizon, and of course from UK POVs the sun is never fully set. As the night wears-on it’ll get easier to see 1-2am are prolly best.

Jupiter in the south is stunning - 3 moons easily visible with binoculars, bit more spread-out tonight.

Oh to be in proper country dark. The most I see over the steady orange glow of street lighting is the occasional flickering of some poor arson victim’s motor.

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Feel your pain. I am so Done with conurbations.

Similar here. Airport one side, megalith housing estate the other.

What fucking night sky ?

Abingdon’s north of here, and Oxford’s north of that, so not much chance I’m afraid :frowning_face:.


Planning to take FoL camping one night soon. Hopefully we’ll have a clear night for stargazing.

30 minutes tops to the Ridgeway, surely?

1am ish -


I just got women up by a cunting helicopter so went out and failed to spot it. Probably couldn’t see low enough, and possibly too bright. Meh.

Does not compute?

Swypos are acceptable if you’re woken up at 3am!

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Seems permanently cloudy here these days, even if it’s clear during the day.

I had been hoping to go out last night to look at Jupiter and Saturn. Didn’t know about this comet. How long will it be visible for?