Compact Disc ‘CDs’ Wanted

My listening habits have recently swung back to CD’s, currently cherry-picking favourites from discogs and eBay where possible but there is a lot of tosh out there…

If anyone has any for sale, or looking to move on let me know. Pretty broad taste although I struggle with ‘proper jazz’, prog rock and thrash metal (sure that will eliminate over half the forum :relieved:)

Soul, funk, pop, rock, folk etc. all sought but I have a distinct loathing for greatest hits compilations.

Thanks - Spencer




Amended, sincere apologies all.

Charity shops are open from Monday, you should be able to get a million for about a tenner.


do you like Shakin Stevens?

I might be able to lay my hands on a rare copy of his greatest hits…

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As long as it’s a Japanese mint early copy

weirdo, sucking CDs - minty…

PM your address and I’ll send you something worthless at random from the collection.

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I just had to look…

I’m pretty sure ‘Green Door’ was my first single. That or Adam and the Ants ‘Antmusic’.

I will have a look for you. I’ve doubled up CDs and vinyl.

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Music Magpie?

I have hundreds of them in the loft.
My ultimate back up to the back ups of the ripped copies on the NAS.

In the dead of night you could go to your local allotment and help yourself.



I have two things on my to do list for next week. One is to get a haircut, the other is to go through my local chariddee shops and relieve them of some of the stocks of CDs that have built up there over the lockdown. I used to sort LPs and CDs for the Roy Castle shop near us before I got ill. The bloke I did it with reckons they are swimming in decent stock.


I too will be hitting the charity shops for CDs. Not as good as vinyl but much more tolerant of the DJ being inebriated, which means the AS Transport/DAC get used often.
Later in the evenings festivities when I cannot even manage that safely we switch over to " phone music " via the Topping D50s. By then you cannot discern any difference in sound quality :rofl:


Think I’ll do the same, I’ve had a few gems from my local shops in Warwick in the past.

Playing cd’s has kind of been a happy accident, mid-way through setting up an office system it was the only source I had for a short while. I soon discovered that it was less distracting than having Tidal/Roon to fiddle with instead of work.

I’ve taken to buying 'em up, ripping them and then donating them to another shop. A bit illegal but what can you do and it supports the local Chazzers.

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