Companies you will never ever do business with again

Apropos of a discussion over beer at Munich we were taking about companies you would never ever buy a product or service from again.

  • Carphone Warehouse - Fucked me over over a repair.
  • Audi - their ham fisted monkey(s) fucked up my car during a service and made me pay for the repair.
  • Enterprise car rental - Tried to screw Ritchie and me over a van hire for Scalford.
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Coco travel, flight was delayed, representative was rude, no help at all.


Meh. Get your own travel agent.

Still being rude.


Low cost service. You get what you pay for. :stuck_out_tongue:


BT for broadband, technically good but try and change anything in your arrangement and they are the company from hell. I will never use them again because I could not deal with their customer service team without the palpitations.


Lidl - Sent me a parking fine for the pleasure of using their shop on holiday in Devon.




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Volkswagen, for many issues over the years ( I know, kick in the 'nads to me for buying more of them ).

Mini in Chigwell, for pretending the Mini I was buying for my wife had zenons, which it hadn’t.

Vodafone, for fucking up the bill many times, and forgetting they had agreed free Spotify for the whole contract duration.

Flogas ( we are LPG here ), for pretending every six months there has been a zombie invasion & they need many more f our pounds.

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The only company I’ve used that actually have contempt for their customers.



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I’d happily pay more to another airline or even not fly. They truly are, well, even twats is too kind.



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Virgin. Sold me a dud phone when we had our TV and Broadband transferred from our old house to the current one. Refused to replace it and then did the old ‘the warranty has expired trick’. So we moved all our phones, our TV and our broadband elsewhere.

They are still calling us three years later. They can feck off. I reported them for nuisance calling recently. :smiling_imp:





LG. Stupid design on a washer dryer led to a door seal falling apart within a couple of years and steam getting to electronics.

Talk talk who gave the most appalling service and left us with no internet for s month

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sky, so much for internet TV, fuckers turned up to fit a dish having omitted to mention it in any correspondence. I live in a conservation zone, fuckers!

Fortnum and Mason, since I discovered they won’t deliver a picnic hamper outside the M25.


Carphone Warehouse because Charles Dunstan and his relationships (information available at bakeoffs).
Hertz because, well just because (information available at bakeoffs).
Covea Insurance (information also available at bakeoffs).
Sainsbury - Narelle stitched up like a kipper by them being cunts of the highest order (ditto).
Starbucks because Starbucks.
Orange for being Orange. Oops, they are now EE.
The Music Box for being incompetent and out of business.

More will come to light once I sober up.

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