Compression driver graph interpretation

Looking to cover 500Hz to 5kHz (maybe 7k). Does the jump in dB above 2kHz look a problem?

That looks awful, it’s a 15dB peak within the range you are using and in a very sensitive area of hearing.

Are they your measurements, in the horn you are using? At what distance?

No, not mine. I asked for some specifications for a mid driver and that is what I got in response. I thought it looked a bit off but thought I’d ask the knowledgeable on here.

His comments were “It shows these drivers are good in 300 hrtz ` 18000 hrtz over 890-85 db.”.

If you are looking for a compression driver and happy with second hand - I have some of these that may be for sale the 16 Ohm version -if interested please let me know

I’m ok for now, thanks. I just can’t help looking for exotica on eBay and was intrigued when I came across these, which he says are his version of a WE555 diaphragm.

I found a video of the drivers:

You’d hope for flat, certainly within ±5dB, in the working range. That’s not what these do, but without knowing how the measurements were taken it’s hard to say more

Yeah, not sure what range he’s using them for on that horn above but I was thrown by his comments. Thanks for your input.