Computer games and that

The original on the Gamecube was phenomenal. One of my favourite games on that platform.

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You should see the trailers for the remake :see_no_evil::see_no_evil::see_no_evil:

Brave to reboot one of the most well revered games made, but definitely needed

Haven’t watched the third - don’t want to ruin it


It’s getting 10/10 reviews and “masterpiece” being mentioned a fair bit.
One week!

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This is insane

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RE4 Remake gonna give me a heart attack I swear

As stressful as the original and then some

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The bit that always had my heart racing was when you get locked in that ring and the crazy bitch with the chainsaw comes at you :grimacing:

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Yep, that’s there! It’s actually quite different from the original, but weird playing the same game. Looks incredible but I’m playing on normal instead of the suggested ‘hardcore’ if you’ve played the original because I’m so casual nowadays.

Ok, so I did complete TLOU pt 1, and really enjoyed it, but since then I have finished my first playthrough of DS3, played through it again with a different approach, and got half way through a NG+ run. Then I started Elden Ring again with a new character and I am enjoying it a lot more having played the DS games - when I played it last year, and gave up about half way through, I had only played Bloodborne and I don’t think the build I had ended up with could be rescued (nor was I skilled enough to use it - dual wielding, no shield). You can respec, but I fancied starting from scratch as I had mucked up a bunch of NPC questlines etc… I am almost up to the point that I was at when I gave up last time but having seen a lot more and enjoying it more too. It really is an amazing game - the art direction is just incredible.

I’ve noticed that after a recent firmware update the PS5 has started displaying the total amount of time I’ve spent playing particular games.

Fair enough.

Oh dear.



I just finished playing that with my 11 year old daughter. Really cool game.

Have you tried Unravel 2? That’s a great co-op game as well

What’s the last one?

I think it’s free these days, but I don’t know if that’s for all the game variants - there are several different “modes”.

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It’s Horizon: Burning Shores day, chaps.

That giant acid frog bastard, eh?


Have just jumped a couple of gnenerations forward in cheapskate gaming in order to have vaguely proper minecraft (yes, I know) on an Xbox One for KettleJnr1.

Given a lack of desire to play anything ridiculously difficult and an aversion to massive amounts of shooty death in games, what are the general first points of call for disc based gaming?

Unravel Yarny Bundle (Xbox One)

If you’ve not played it before, things like Skyrim are excellent. Great value for money, and a really immersive world to explore.

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That is high on the list, having chucked many hours at Morrowind.

There’s Oblivion too if Morrowind was the last one you played. Gets you Patrick Stewart and Sean Bean too.