Computer games and that

The original on the Gamecube was phenomenal. One of my favourite games on that platform.

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You should see the trailers for the remake :see_no_evil::see_no_evil::see_no_evil:

Brave to reboot one of the most well revered games made, but definitely needed

Haven’t watched the third - don’t want to ruin it


It’s getting 10/10 reviews and “masterpiece” being mentioned a fair bit.
One week!

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This is insane

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RE4 Remake gonna give me a heart attack I swear

As stressful as the original and then some

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The bit that always had my heart racing was when you get locked in that ring and the crazy bitch with the chainsaw comes at you :grimacing:

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Yep, that’s there! It’s actually quite different from the original, but weird playing the same game. Looks incredible but I’m playing on normal instead of the suggested ‘hardcore’ if you’ve played the original because I’m so casual nowadays.