Computer games and that

Bought it when they released the Beta - haven’t actually had time to play it since proper release though.

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Sniper Elite 4 and the season pass are currently £4.79 and £2.89 in the Playstation store - i.e. 90% off.

I’m sure I’ll be just as shit at it as I am at 5 but, eh.

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It’s a far more playable game than 5 and the add-on dlc’s are :ok_hand:

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The season pass appears to have given me absolutely everything, so I reckon that my total investment of £7.68 is pretty good.

Excellent vfm - hunting Hitler is great fun :+1:

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I came back to say that if you were thinking about this then you should do it. It’s a huge amount of high quality content for beer money.

But then I checked on the store and they’ve gone back up to £47.99 and £28.99.

So I guess I’ll just be smug instead.

Assassins Creed Mirage soon.
Like me a bit of stealth shizzle.

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Final boss of Sekiro to go, final boss(es) of Dark Souls II (although I am doing the DLC’s first) and I am on Chapter 3 of Armored Core VI.

I have also been playing Sea of Stars which is quite nice, so not all FromSoftware… :smiley: (but almost).

Kiss goodbye to your life, here comes Fallout/ Skyrim in space.


And it’s on Xbox game pass :sunglasses:


Reviews have been a bit of a damp squib.:thinking:

Only 92% positive, not enough for @unclepuncle :grin:


The sites I would trust have given it a general 7/10.
Not that I have any interest in playing it so go knock yourselves out,:joy:

Shadow of the Tomb Raider all the bits edition £8.74 until midnight tonight.

I’ve no idea whether it’s any good to play but I’ve just fired it up and it certainly looks very pretty.

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Bit of Gameboy. Can’t get anywhere near my 155 line record


There is a light that never goes out

I’ve been playing Sea of Stars. It’s bloody lovely.