Computer games and that

Yes, but it’s even worse. Retro game collecting is a bit of a mental illness with some people, they start off buying the stuff they like for nostalgia and then years later have a full Bandai Playdia or Apple Pippin collection and they don’t know why.


It appears that people who were kids when that generation came out now have disposable income so prices are heading up. Case in point: I am glad I kept my Dreamcast Skies of Arcadia but now slightly miffed I sold Guts Rage for not very much.

I sold three games in 2006 for £135, and £260 * 2

They’re now worth 2k, 4k each bwah

That listing I linked to above was at £1k when I posted it this (Fri) morning.

Seems it was donated to a charity shop

At least they didn’t stick it on the shelf for £10 :grinning:

(For clarity I work for BHF and all shops send things up to a massive Ebay team in Leeds. BHF are the biggest not for profit seller on Ebay in the world with nearly 23000 current listings.)

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I now have a Nintendo switch, so far I have only played snooker/pool on it.
Any recommendations for free/cheap games?

The last games I really enjoyed were portal/portal 2 and superhot

Anything Zelda or Mario related is top class. Nintendo Japanman doesn’t put out shit games.


Superhot was superb, such a great idea

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Yeah bloody loved that game, shows simple works

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Metroid Prime.