Computer microphones

Usb preferably but good quality, i know nothing so hopefully one of you lot do

what is the use? you recording K-pop videos or VC with the team.

For VCs (with Zoom and Teams) i was using the speakers I have on the PC with a separate mike, but i was getting all sorts of feedback problems.

More recently I have been using one on of these - it has been brilliant…

Before lockdown I bought 25 for colleagues who needed them, some preferred these

oh and budget?

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Budget not important its for my wife’s weekly conference calls to Canada.
It is only recently they have winged about the quality …
Headsets are out.
Some kind of background noise cancelling would be useful as often we both work from home in a similiar space

I use the Jabra speakerphone i linked to 4 maybe 5 times a day, and it has been brilliant.

if you are both sharing a space and calling at the same time - then a headset is the only way to go. thankfully my wife is forced by the nature of her work to have all calls in private, but they still require her to use a headset and not speakers.

Anyway did i say the Jabra was brilliant.

What is it about the quality they are moaning about - not the voice breaking up? sttuttering? could be a bandwidth problem…

Found this.

Before the Jabra i used a Blue Yeti this picks up all sorts of ambient and background, noise. The Jabra is cheaper and better

For one to ones with students and recording lectures - a headset gives me the highest quality…

If you get a microphone, rather than a single device, then you may well get feedback. The best option, really, is a headset, if you don’t fancy the Jabra. A headset has the mic in the right place, and will not have feedback.

The bandwidth shouldn’t be a problem we have fibre…
Like i say headset is out.
Tbh i mostly leave her be when shes talking to canada.

I agree, which is why i stopped using the standalone mike

I use a camera mounted mic, that sits on top of my monitor, that sits between the two speakers I use for listening, and I have no problem with feedback.

you wouldn’t do. My feedback problems arise from a desk mounted mic. I.moved to a desk mounted mic, as the camera mounted one wasn’t good enough for everything I needed to do. It was ok for VCs where there was just me in the office but not for recording feedback or lectures for students or for when there were more than 1 person in my office.

I now use the Jabra for VCs and for best quality a headset

I have a Jabra evolve 65 headset, v good for virtual meetings, if headsets are out get a Jabra speak, they work really well.

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Thanks all, jabra speak ordered

Wat? This is not the AA way.



And other peoples money

Jabra are good, the IT dept here have just recently sent out 1300x Jabra Biz headsets and it works well for Teams calls.

The goto headset for Skype/Teams or contact centres used to be plantronics but they are expensive and shit now.

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