Congestion Charge

Today I am a sad panda because I went into the dreaded CZ last Wednesday, aaaaaand I’ve only just remembered.

Naturally, you go on their website there is no way to to do anything about this criminal transgression. You either pay on the day, the day after (for more money, LOL) or get a £65 PCN which is no doubt winging its way to my door as I type.

Utter fucking cunts.

Who would win in a cuntoff between Dartford Crossing and Congestion Charge?

Friend of mine got done for putting his number plate wrong by one digit lost the appeal,why he would pay for someone else’s car number plate had no bearing on there decision

I got done a few years ago despite having a congestion charge exempt Mini with 99 gm CO2

Turns out you have to pay £50 to register your car CC exempt.

TfL are utter and complete bellendious cunts.

Get a visa card registered with them and the Dartford crossing and then you never get fined.

They are cunts though. So, we all pay car taxes and yet some non-elected authority charges us to use the roads we paid for. Hmmm.

Instigated by an elected representative (Mayor of London)

Technically, the Dartford Crossing is a toll, not a road charge.

Technically, you are decended from criminals.

Nope. Not even close. My parents were born here. I’m first generation Strayan.

Pay it now, then if/when the penalty notice arrives, appeal, say you paid it and send a copy of the receipt.

Worked for me :+1:

You can’t

No? It was 2/3 years back, maybe they changed the system since…