Connecting TT to streaming device

What’s the best way to connect a tt to a streaming device in order to beam vinyl goodness all around the house from an existing hifi?
Even better if it’s possible for the same device to output its other Spotify-type stream in an analogue fashion to go to the hifi amp…

The Sonos connect can do exactly this.

It has regular RCA “line in” sockets.

Obvs it does Spotify too, either as a pull or push (it presents itself as a Spotify connect device so can be driven by the Spotify app as a “speaker”).

Not cheap though.

This does it as well:

Obviously whatever system you choose, you will need a few of them, one in each room.

I am the first to admit I am an idiot. But I’m coming up empty on the the desire to blue tooth vinyl around the house. I say this as my challenged mind understands the vinyl analogue signal would be digitized and then zipped in 0’s and 1’s through the air via blue tooth. If this is the case why not just stream?

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I would see this as some kind of party mode - just to get the sound systems synchronized. Critical listening of vinyl in another room makes no sense, you’d have to be walking from room to room every 20 minutes.

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I’m asking for a friend…
For some reason she wants to wander round the house pogoing while her Minor Threat album pootles about on the TT.