It’s bloody long but worth a read if you want understand the machinations behind His rise to power.

Given this morning’s revelations that Momentum are planning to affiliate to Unite this article gives a good context to that.

Only one word when it comes to Corbyn…



I know I shouldn’t but I can’t but help be pleased that Eric Joyce got pished and nutted some Tories.

After consuming one taxpayer-subsidised beer too many, he stood up, shouted that the bar was “full of fucking Tories” and started a pub brawl. Before police arrived, Joyce managed to headbutt and punch two Conservative MPs, two Tory councillors and the Labour assistant whip.

That this single act of violence has been identified as the trigger event responsible for propelling Jeremy Corbyn to the top of the party epitomises the randomness and absurdity of life.

Purely as an observer without any political agenda, Corbyn is as useful as Teflon coated arse wipes.



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