Could use some upgrade advice

I reckon my budget will cover the aura of mystery that follows an Ongaku wherever it goes.

Or maybe the mains plug.

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Not convinced that an Ongaku would be the best match for H2’s. Nice maybe but I think both items each have better matching partners.

That’s a pity - I was just gearing up for a lifetime of beans on toast.

I have some very nice German valve monos that might suit :grin:, and a lovely audio research pre-amp. I could do you a deal. :innocent:

Uncanny - I will soon have a freshly serviced Gato Dia-250.

A no brainer.

:rage: I was after the loot not the class d shoutbox. What utter cunt lumbered you with that then? :thinking:

Some clown…

I thought you might be keeping them after Mark’s magic fingers did their thing?

Ask for advice and everyone recommends what they have or tries to sell you stuff.

Like the old days :smile:

Have you considered upgrading your cables :smile:

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Half your budget should go on one of these:

Cables? Oh yes, I’m going to push the boat out and look at the £2 a metre stuff.

It’s blue.

I like blue.

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Every good system needs a magic listening hat.


They do sound much better to me, not sure which way to go TBH.

Problem is I’m a fully paid up member of the Church of St Kevin :smile:

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Do ya reckon his missus would like that sort of thing?

The current potential future Mrs B won’t even let me put a finger up.

Well, there’s a thing!

I’d spend it on an Io Gold, suitable step up and the cheap AN arm, if I were you. That should get rid of 5k easily enough!

That’s assuming that the amp works with the speakers, and you like the speakers.

Alternatively, get some esl57s and buy a toyboy for the wife.

Don’t worry about the fragility of the Io, they are cheap to rebuild. Much better than basically any other high end cartridge.

The Gold is lovely, but I’m not sure where you will get one with a ‘suitable’ SUT for £4k, assuming £1k for the arm?

Aren’t that about 4k full price, so potentially obtainable for less? I do admit to being hopelessly out of date mind…

I see Mel B has just filed for divorce - are these two things linked?

One here for about £2.5k (I think they’re >£5k new)

Leaves £1.5k for the SUT, so yes, it could be done.