Courier recommendation and possible AA taxi (coals to Newcastle)?

I have just sold my Geithain active speakers and stands and need to get them to Newcastle upon Tyne - Boxed 2 x 22KG plus stands at 2x10KG

Any current recommendations for good couriers (I used Interparcel before)

…and on the off chance if anyone is driving to Newcastle from London/South anytime, happy to make it worth your while…

I’ve used UPS a number of times without any issues, those brokers are cheaper but I’ve read they can be an utter bollock ache if anything happens.

UPS have a weight limit of 70kg per parcel so you’ll be well within those limits.


Post office, buy the service on one of the reduced price apps and you can usually get it half price. Don’t bother with insurance, it’s a con, that applies to all of them.