Coventry bakeoff - Saturday 27th January




Cheers, looking forward to it :+1:




White shite game now on Tuesday so I’m ok for this.

If anyone wants to car share from nottm I am ok to drive, but also up for car sharing if anyone is passing the area.
I don’t like burning fuel for the sake of it.

Shout if you need anything beyond music. I think we did dacs enough?


I’m really looking forward to this. It seems like an eternity since I last had a bakeoff.


It was an eternity since we last heard Ed’s speakers…





More like crossed outs.


They sure were lookers! Kingdom for a soldering iron


Essential speaker foo…


Not enough pictures (of gluttony).


Working on that…


Thanks Ian.
Odd bake off. The pizzas sounded fantastic and the speakers looked amazing…





Thanks for a fun day out Ian, really enjoyed it, your system sounds lovely on all sources.
Great to catch up with everyone and meet someone new too :-).

Edd’s new DIY build speakers and crossovers looks fantastic and sound wise the silence between the notes due to the dead sounding corian enclosures was very noticeable indeed :wink:.

Thank you to Tim @spider for being my driver for the day :+1:


4′33″ by John Cage sounded excellent, although it felt much longer than that.




Thanks Ian for a fab bake-off I really enjoyed the day. The Orbe sounded so good very impressed.
Edd’s speakers are a thing of beauty cant wait to hear some one day.
Thanks again
Looking forward to next time.


Thanks to everyone for another chilled bakeoff. I really need to get either a bigger house or at least a bigger kitchen!