Coventry bakeoff - Saturday 27th January


A top day Ian, with some great folk (not of the musical kind). Thanks again for hosting, hope to make the next one :+1:
Tim’s gem of an album made it for me, sounded sweet on your system


Thanks for yesterday Ian, good day in good company


Many thanks for another great afternoon by Ian. I particularly liked Edd’s demonstration of speakers with the ultimate noise floor.


Thanks Ian for hosting, great system and banter as usual. Edd’s speakers looked All White :wink:


Edd came over today (thanks Edd) to get the speakers up and running. I really liked the prototypes when Edd put them in my system at my October bakeoff and these all corian enclosure versions don’t disappoint. :grinning:


What was causing the issue yesterday?


The terminals were shorted by the pretty plates I had made, something I would have normally spotted but never mind @DiveDeepDog to the rescue :smiley:


Hence my washers picture above. Better that than a full strip and rebuild!!



Actually it was where the terminals went though, Front/back was fine. All sorted though didn’t take too long.