Coventry bakeoff - Sunday 15th October


Consensus seemed to be the chord was sharper. Possibly good for well mastered stuff and bass
The BP was less distinct and maybe better for brash recordings that needed toning down a bit to warm them up?
You could hear differences, but preference was very subjective.



Big thanks to Ian for a relaxing afternoon.

Edd’s speakers sounded great. Good effort.

The dacs were interesting. The Chord had the most detail and precision. Most notable at the extremes (bass and treble). The Border Patrol did not have the clarity of the Chord or the ultimate insight into the recordings.


Sounds like a top day, hoping I can come along to the next one Ian if that’s ok.
‘Need to get out more’ as they say…


In my system, it was nowhere near as good as the pimped DDDAC that I use day to day. My system is on the warm side of neutral and the Border Patrol is the same - It was just too much of a good thing. It is a lot better through my headphone system as that doesn’t have the same warmth. I was impressed by the Chord Hugo TT which resolved a lot of detail but wasn’t in your face at all. However, I preferred the DDDAC overall as it just seemed more natural to my ears. YMMV.


Look forward to hearing your DDDDDDAC at mine in a couple of weeks


Is more ‘D’ bettererererererererer than less D’s?


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Given this shit ordering system I’m amazed his one-night only parcel delivery service is more reliable than Yodel’s year round efforts.



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