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Like everything else with barista coffee, manual tamping is an art form :smiley:

I get it right sometimes, most times, then I forget a bit, or get distracted and it’s off.

Was at a posh garden centre yesterday and had their coffee. We go quite often.
Big fast grinder, lever operated same pressure everytime tamper.
Big £25000 espresso machines.

The coffee there is totally repeatable.
They calibrate the grind size and tamp pressure / machine often they said.

Their machine does froth milk well!

I can match their taste on a good day🙂

@thebiglebowski the other more basic option is to try a slightly more developed roast for your espresso. Light roast espressos aren’t everyone’s cup of tea, if you’ll pardon the obvious.

found that in my google journey :slight_smile: so did go off and check the southern water hardness and pH for my postcode.

Think I might try a darker roast, have got some filter coffee beans so might give those a try instead

I saw a James Hoffman vid the other day, can’t remember which one, I’ve watched a few! But he said that it didn’t matter how much beyond you tamp past the pressure required to compact the grinds together. My impression was that once that point is reached it’s difficult to go further, no matter how hard you press. I’m pressing hard and seem to get the timing pretty consistent and the coffee is tasting alright I think. I quite like a bit of acidity!

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Seen the same vid. I think tamping evenly is more important than the pressure.

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Yes currently obsessed with this. I’m getting there, I think. I need to get a slimmer drip tray to be able to see the flow now I’ve got a bottomless portafilter. On and on the spending goes. My fucking scales are on the blink too!

Just got a VST precision basket. Early results are promising.

download (11)


Just realised that I kept seeing signage for this company just round the corner from me:

They roast but do tasting courses too. Might see what the price is for that.

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I’ve perfected the heart with an ejaculating dick on the bottom. :+1:


“They call him Ritchie Rorschach”


Oh shit… :grimacing:

Adding to the exciting line of Wayward coffee art.

Here’s a ghosty, or is it a genie? With a very small head, that I created just now😂


Was out at a local coffee shop and decided to get a macchiato. Yeah, quite a strong taste that.

Bought some Illy ready ground espresso in a tin and it made an ok espresso so it’s not the machine or technique.

Guess it has to be the way I’m grinding the beans, will have a look for a proper grinder next week.

Only weird thing is that the illy shot went through in 20 secs with a very rapid start and leaked/squirted quite a bit, guess it’s a coarser grind than proper espresso.

Yes, you can’t really use ready ground espresso with the single-walled basket. You need the pressurised basket for that.

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I thought you had a Knock?

If this tastes better than fresh ground coffee, you must be doing something very fucking rong.

You are using fresh (no older than 4 weeks from roasting) beans, and grinding them immediately before extraction, yes?

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This looks interesting


New scales!

Timemore Black Mirror Nano

My old ones were turning off mid-brew and once I got an espresso machine they also proved far too laggy to be accurate when trying to stop a shot. I was looking at the Acaia Luna, espresso specific jobbies but at something like 300 quid (!) they are really well out of reach. These aren’t cheap at £80-ish but do everything the others do. They can be used for pour-over too (they will measure flow rate if you want them to) and have a mode for that and espresso.

So far I’m very impressed. They are metal, so feel nice and solid. They fit with a cup under the naked portafilter much better than my other ones and without having to remove the drip tray. In espresso mode, they sense when a cup is placed on top of them and then start weighing and timing once the first drip of coffee hits the cup. They really work! I’ve dialled in a new coffee this morning (Red Brick) much quicker than was possible before because they are that much more accurate.


Did their coffee appreciation course today. Went through some tasting and came away with some coffee.

Didn’t actually taste this one today but I have fond memories of a Costa Rican coffee I loved in the past so chose these beans.


Timemore Black Mirror Nano👍

They even have Audiofool type names :joy: