Covfaffe - the road to despair, calling at futility and disappointment

Have had the Mignon Specialita about a year now or is it longer?
Everything they said it’s true.
The consistency is excellent.
It just works. Quiet too.


Anyone need some more covfaff foo?

Hehe, that’s a worry gauge too far!

Both a refractometer and TDS meter are essential for marine fish keeping. Coffeemaking, not really.

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This is a lovely sweet, chocolately bean that doesn’t suffer from being over developed and over extracted. Espressos and caps vv nice.


This is also very good, lighter roast than most but better for it in this case with the fruitiness coming through on a very long finish.


My new favourite word.

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calling Niche owners.

What setting are you using for espresso?

Have got a drinkable shot going with the light roast (15) but don’t think I’m a fan of it as it’s still too sour/acidic. The dark roast is coming out nice but a little coarser set at 19

I’ve been experimenting to find out what I like from pour over and I’m enjoying a smaller cup best. Currently using the single pour method. I’m enjoying 10g at 18:1 and I went a bit finer on the grind as it passes fairly quickly with this amount of coffee in it.

A small cup but tastes nicer to me and doesn’t give me a bad head :joy:

Anyone fancy a £4.99 punt?

It could be the covfaffe bargain o the year!

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@Wayward is this like your pourover thing?

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Not the same but similar. I’ve been using the Blue Bottle dripper. Some of what he’s taliking about is true about the BB too…

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Must get one to do faff experiments will order one now

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Continue to be impressed with Strangers and their coffee tasting notes. I’ve now had three different lots from them and they each spot on with the descriptions, with the flavours really coming through.

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Keenly priced too! Are you making espresso with any of those? Deffo fancy the Ethiopian /Kenyan for filter. :+1:

Currently doing this on the pour over

And the Sao Lucas house blend on the espresso (which appears to be out of stock)

500g of each.


Cool, will make a purchase!

New grinder…

I wasn’t doing very well swapping between pour over and espresso setting on my Knock Feldgrind. The way the crank and adjustment ring/lid work is a bit of a bastard, and the two parts can become misaligned. It’s ok moving it a couple of notches or even a 1/4 turn but 2-1/2 turns, not so much. Twice recently, some other odd thing happened where it just spun without grinding, :flushed: bloody odd! Both times I’ve thought I’ve buggered the thing but I’ve taken it to bits and reassembled and it’s been ok.

Anyway, 1zpresso J-max. It’s got 48mm burrs, ti coated and with a geometry biased towards espresso. It absolutely eats the beans! Its shockingly quicker to grind 18 grams of espresso! I reckon twice as fast and maybe quicker than that. It seems to do a decent job and allows me to keep the Feldgrind for filter. :+1: