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Exactly what I found. Swapping was a huge ballache so the Aerspeed is retained for filter duties.

Not to mention brushing the fines out each time, etc. etc.

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Yeah, I sold my Aergrind to @edd9000 during Covid, thinking I’d never be in a position to get into espresso. :man_facepalming:

Will spring for an electric at some point but need to research a bit more (and earn some money).

I was having a double shot cappuccino mid morning and mid afternoon afternoon, been like that for a few years.
That’s been my total coffee intake.

Got a bit bored with it.
Decided to have a break.
Stopped next day.
No real withdrawal to speak of, they didn’t really make me feel more awake either.
I did that for a week, drank water instead.

I’ve since had the odd cappuccino either morning or afternoon but single shots only.

Amazing how the coffee lasts!
Less than a quarter of the consumption.
Same with barrista soya milk.

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This looks the shit.

£1300 in the UK.


That does look good.

Looks great! I wonder if you could pressure profile on the fly with that screw. :grin:

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This is disappearing fast, will order again. :+1:

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Been dead impressed with them.

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I’ve not tried the single origin stuff yet but this is one of, if not the nicest for espresso I’ve bought. It’s fruity, zingy and sweet straight up and with milk it’s sharpness cuts through nicely.

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Not sure I have enough room for that. :grin:

But you imagined where it would go!

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By the bed. :+1:


And voice activated lol

Has anyone tried doing an espresso though a bar of chocolate like on the videos that keep popping up on YouTube?

I want an espresso machine just to try it.

Not seen them but we used to have cups of tea through a Cadbury’s Spira in 6th form college over 30 years ago! There’s nothing new in the world.


If only it pre-wet the wife’s puck too🙂

Does look nice.
Fast warm up essential!
Energy efficiency👍

Wonder if it has a precision basket as standard?

Where’s the review by greyman?

Enjoying this roasters offerings of late, pretty reasonably priced too