Covfaffe - the road to despair, calling at futility and disappointment


I agree with everything you say apart from the above. When we used a cafetiere we used to sieve the coarsely ground coffee to remove the worst of the finings. A good consistent and well maintained grinder is important.



It’s unlikely we would agree about everything, I’m fine with that and hope you are too.

I’d like to try a seive. The coffee specific ones are madly expensive! I have seen one made from a frying pan spatter screen which looked suitably mad! :grin: what did you use?

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totally :sunglasses:

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Elitist toff.



the world would be a very boring place if there were just one method of making coffee drinks. I like them all but my preference is for espresso based.

I have a taste for Turkish, but I do draw the line at that instant shit.

I am thinking of buying a vacuum brewer to see whether that adds any joy to my coffee experience.



I hope you aren’t washing your Uncle Ben’s and cheese down with that, you’ll be unable to appreciate the finer flavours of either! :scream:



I’m exactly the same on this point. I spent years being annoyed at the coffee I could produce at home, because pour-over never occurred to me. Espresso was always limited by budget and space - not least because I only have one cup of coffee per day, so I begrudged having the machines in the house. I spent 20 minutes yesterday rejigging kitchen cupboards to get some of the wanky devices away from the worktops but it’s still cluttered. I hate clutter.

In the absence of a decent espresso machine I’ve tried cheaper ones, Nespresso, stove top (including an electric version) and one-cup cafetière, all with indifference as to the result. At one point I actually went back to instant, because it removed all expectations of quality but still delivered the caffeine hit.

The pour-over system was a revelation. The coffee you get is by far my favourite - you get a bitter hit (albeit not as much as espresso), but it has the rounded mouth feel and sweetness that you can only achieve by adding sugar to espresso (and that’s a balance I can never get right).

The Aeropress is fun, and a bit quicker to prepare, but the results just aren’t as consistently good.



Always preferred good filter style coffee to espresso based. Though my usual is a bean to cup machine :grin:. (One step above pod machines but a lot cheaper to run)

I’ve had a Cona for years, it’s splendid faff, end result is fine though probably not as good as pour over.



Possibly the ponciest thing you’ve ever posted, even by your standards.

Should be on the phrases that need to be stamped out thread.



It’s been a poor lunchtime

Coffee was shit and only had wholegrain spicy Mexican rice in the co op

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:grin: I knew you’d enjoy that. It is a thing though, when coffee is brewed right, it does feel different in the mouth and I cant think of another way of explaining it. I take a screw top mug of coffee to work most mornings and because I’m drinking it through a spout, I can’t smell it and it feels different in the mouth and tastes different too. I quite often find it emphasizes any petal/floral notes. :grin:

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How does it differ from a triangular mouth feel? Or maybe pentagonal?

It’s massive cuntery and you know it.



I was going to google a picture of a girl with a rounded mouth, but I am using a work computer.



I don’t use the phrase because of how cunty it sounds, but actually how else to describe that particular component of taste?



Michael Gove?



Stout fellow, stiff upper lip.

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Had anyone tried a clever dripper?



Isn’t that Ritchie? :thinking: