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They took the piss out of Alan Ducasse Coffee at £15.00 a cup from Yemen

From 24 minutes


I spoke to Olivier about those beans. £15 is mad, but up.until 12 months ago I was managing to buy Yemeni green beans (my fav), but it is almost impossible to buy now. Ducasse has secured a supply of some of the rarest Yemeni beans, which given the state of the country is remarkable. I get the price, whether it offers good value is down to.the individual.

Oh, I haven’t tried a cup

Was listening on R4 on te way home. Thought of this thread and especially @Wayward They general consensus seemed to be that £15 was ridiculous.

We should get Evan Davis to do a piece on faff. :grin:

Yes, we need a Faff Tsar. :slight_smile:

We have one!

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I can imagine the coffee would be delicious but 15 quid is madness and way beyond me! I reckon the Geisha I posted up thread might be more expensive if bought in a coffee shop…

I don’t understand how people who can happily spend £’000s on a watch that keeps worse time than a £10 digital watch can complain about £15 for a coffee. Sure, it’s more expensive than most cups of coffee, but it’s an occasional treat, not a daily one.

I’m pleased that such things exist, although I’m not going to go out of my way to find this place.


The watch will hold value if not appreciate. Its also not really about how well it keeps time, its jewellery.

The £15 spent on the coffee is gonneeeeee. Also probably more debatable if its better, its just hard to get and rare. Which means its better :smiley:


What Edd said. The coffee will turn into piss in short order. You’re paying £15 for a luxury piss.


Occasionally you’ll push the boat out & pay for a nice meal or some other temporary but enjoyable luxury. It leaves you with a nice memory. I wouldn’t pay £15 for a coffee for various reasons (poverty, vertigo) but I certainly wouldn’t try to discourage anyone else from doing it.

I would pay £15 for one, just to try it.

Plenty of you lot would pay £100 for a meal out, which is £94 more than a fish supper.

Is that one by Russian hookers? Seems cheap to me.

Exactly this. Because of my lack of a sense of smell, it would be a hugely compromised and therefore wasted experience for me. But I’m always keen to see people in any area really push the envelope of what can be done.

St Albans prices will always be higher…

I’d actually try if I’d i was in the neighbourhood. £15 isn’t going to break the bank.

I bet Ritchie’s coffee costs more in man hour terms.


That’s probably what they’re banking on. I doubt there will be many if any regulars for this, but they’re after the “curious to try something insanely expensive” market and London is big enough that you only need one-time customers to make it work.

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I suspect they also know that the name Alan Ducasse being attached to it will bring in a lot of people.

Do you add sugar and Coffeemate?


It’s 30 quid with those in.