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Caramel syrup and sprinkles.

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that is true - and the fact his chocolate shop is next door - helps.

I pondered trying it when I was there last. But my conversation about its flavour profile suggested I would not like it. It is roasted lighter than I would like, and the flavour profile is bright and citrussy. I treated it like buying wine, I wouldn’t buy a glass of wine when the advise was it may not suit your tastes.

The cold brew in there is like rocket fuel though…


Not enough rounded mouth feel? :clown_face:


Don’t talk bollocks - you can’t get a fish supper in Cheshire for six quid!!! :laughing:


Small fish and small chips, like that would do for Bob :rofl:


Actually you can, 3 near me, one is £5, one £6.50 and one £6.75.


God damn, now I want fish and chips.

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With peas and curry sauce.

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Curried battered fish!?! :grimacing:

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Not with fish. Pie yes.

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Yes with fish. :heart_eyes:


Deviant. :slight_smile:

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some years ago I was working in Kolkata, and I just happened to be sitting in the hotel bar one lunch time - they had on the menu battered tandoori fish sandwiches with a side of chips and a dal. It was the finest fish, chips and “peas” I’ve ever had…….


They only have 8kg of the beans and no idea when they might get any more. They can probably charge whatever they think they can get away with and people will pay it.
When are you going to get another cup?


It sounded like that in the interview, but my conversations with Olivier suggested they had a supply chain, although it was difficult to enact. I was trying to buy a very small amount of green beans at cost from him.


I cry at £2.50

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Was Alan not available for a chat?

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oh Alain? he was making my breakfast!

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It’d take @Wayward three weeks to fill that.