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And 21 seconds to empty it :grinning:


Interesting that it was served as a cortado.

I think you spotted crap use of a library picture by the Guardian. if you go there those beans aren’t on the espresso menu - I thought a Cortado was an espresso based drink. IIRC correctly they only make pour over coffee from the Yemeni beans.

this is how I think it is poured


Here is the menu from when we were there last December……I don’t think it has changed…

20181208_180142 by uh_simon, on Flickr

the £15 Yemen is at the bottom of the filter section, and not shown on the espresso section…

some rocket fuel cold brew…….120g coffee per litre

20181208_180800 by uh_simon, on Flickr

I think I’ll go and try out the place (not the £15 coffee though), as I always travel through King’s Cross when I’m in London. I can stretch to £4.50

Sounds like a slippery slope

The £15 coffee sampling will be in about 3 more cups.

I have now acquired an aeropress. Let faffing commence.


Got a grinder yet?

Not yet, but I do have some extra birthday money…

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Honestly, not a lot, not more than about £30. Got plenty of other things that I’d like to spend the money on so its got competition!

Porlex is about that much, might be slightly more

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I’ll probably put my DeLonghi electric grinder on the Tat Bazaar for something like £15 shortly. I fancy getting a Porlex now.

The porlex has such a nice box.



Really enjoying the pour over.

I find the process very enjoyable, the Porlex is great and watching the beans bloom is :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

The end result is well worth the 3:30 of delightful faff. The end result is very smooth and low in acidity.

I now want a better scale and more things, like a chemex and a Kalita wave.

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Do I need an Acaia Pearl?

Yes, yes I do.


I had a fairly lengthy affair with the Kalita Wave but a little while ago I went back to the v60 because I ran out of filters for the Kalita. I used the same recipe in the v60 but found that the grind needed to be slightly finer. My impression is that the Kalita produces a bit more body but the v60 seems to drag out a teensy bit more of the delicate tones that the Kalita didn’t seem to get near. I have also found that the Kalita is sensitive to getting the pours (I use a pulse pour recipe) exact, whereas the v60 is much more flexible and forgiving. I’d like to try the chemex too, it would be easier to make coffee for more people. I’d need a grinder with a bigger capacity…

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I just want more toys.


Much of what I like about the v60 is the lack of paraphernalia. It fits in the cupboard and dishwasher no problem. The fact that it does the best coffee is a pleasant +1.

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