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One thing I do appreciate about the Aeropress vs the cafetiere is that I no longer end up with a load of coffee sludge in the bottom of my mug.


I have always wondered if the sludge over-extracts and just adds some stewed coffee flavour.


irritating coffee faff


If I get a Porlex, do I want a Mini or a Tall?


I’ve got both, the big one is better if you’re grinding more than two shots. Also, not sure why but the big one is easier to turn - seems to require less effort.


I’ll go large then, I think.

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I nearly did the same with my delonghi when I saw your post
ive resisted

for now


I’ve asked for one for my biffday.

I’ll stick my DeLonghi electric grinder on the tat bazaar when I get it.

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Might be worth keeping if you have to make coffee for a few people. Porlex is a ballache if you have to grind for more than a couple of people.

I get around this problem by only offering visitors instant coffee. And not having many visitors.


I feel the need to make an electric drill adaptor.


Make me one! I’ve looked for the right pentagon thing and never found one!


Mine isn’t a pentagon thing because it’s new.


…if you served better coffee…:thinking:


Like I want to change it :rofl:

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I’ll buy it for work

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They’ve gotten used used to a cafetiere now and I think it might be time to introduce freshly ground beans


If he served better coffee, twice a year a collection of right characters would turn up at his house and refuse to leave until they were fed, watered and pissed.

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Where did you get that idea? :thinking:


I’m planning a bake off in October, but don’t expect coffee unless you grind it yourself!

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