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Loser, that looks like Democrat coffee





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Has anyone tried one of the bean to cup machines at lower end say Heston.
Appreciate they are not the best but for someone who has a couple of cups at the weekend and has no interest in owning their own plantation etc etc, would one be worthwhile ?
Currently have a Nespresso but it’s looking a bit sad after all the work on the house.


The beans that sit in therm go stale.
Unless you pour them in when you need them.

Otherwise they are decent options for simplicity.


What’s the best way to go for say £500. Not sure I can be arsed with grinding and cleaning all the kit etc.


Been to cup. Just store the beans in a vac jar or the valve pouch and pour them in as you use them.


depends on throughput.

The Sage machines are very well made, but there will always be compromises made. The dual boiler one is very good but about £1200. My brother has a Sage Oracle and it is an excellent machine.


They are a bit of a bargain for spec v price.

I agree. It’s like anything: if you are realistic in what you need if for and use it regularly then it’s all pretty much down to how good the ingredients are.


Also it’ll still need cleaning, descaling and back flushing - although some of this might be partially automated.


I’m the only coffee drinker in the house and only weekends and holidays so it’s a selfish purchase. I like to keep my points for hifi and music :grinning:

Wondering whether to go back to filter.


Goddamnit, now I want one of those.


Have a look at a one cup drip like clever coffee or kalita?


The Sage look better than the delonghi machines.


you’ll need either to be able to grind beans to a powder (most usual coffee grinders can’t go fine enough) or buy ready ground. We do the latter, as I’ve not been able to find a grinder that grinds to a fine powder.


No, the Sage :smiley:


I was poking around a Sage Oracle Touch in John Lewis a few weeks back, and it seemed to me like a great machine - £2k though.