Recipe, wtf?!

Ingredients: coffee, water.

There’s your fucking recipe…





I’m so pleased I dumped my Nespresso in favour of the Aeropress. The coffee is orders of magnitude better, it’s a pleasant routine and it’s not a shit looking machine on the kitchen work surface.

I now drink coffee every day, which I never did before. Unless you really need espresso (and you don’t), I would strongly recommend it.


Accidental like. Of course you need espresso, you big ninny.


We have a Delonghi Esam 4200 bean to cup, we love it. You have to do an auto de-scale every now and again, depending on how often you use it. Available on Amazon at around £220


Good price that


The thing with espresso is that you have this arms race of max pressure and over roasted beans, and you end up with a tiny bitter drink that you have to add sugar to make it even palatable. Drip or aero produces a much more balanced drink.


Git gud :smiley:


Really ? You weren’t complaining the Saturday before last about bitterness…


Give me Aeropress over poor espresso any day.

Oh, and to the reductive cunts in this thread. :fu:




Coffee: almost as pretentious as HiFi.


Yeah, pointless pissing about with valves, hand wound transformers and horns, may as well have Naim. :grin:


Shit, we both trolling each other? :joy:


Why Naim, I’m sure I read somewhere that Behringer measure the same…


Get one of these and a grinder…

Had ours for a year now and they are rather adequate.


Available for £249 on Amazon :open_mouth: A lot of faff compared to a bean to cup machine though.