I quite like grinding




Doddle to use & maintain. Twiddle the dials & it makes coffees, big, small, strong, medium whatever, consistently. Use filtered water for flavour & reduce descaling and some good fresh beans, jobs a good un.



Pods are cunts.


WANK!!! If you want instant coffee just buy a jar :+1: It’s more cheaperer.


Not at the moment, I’m good thanks.


The Illy machines & pods might be better perhaps? I used to have a Nespresso, but always felt it was weak. The difference in the amount of coffee in a pod might improve it a bit. I just want a quick easy brew sometimes with no faff. Once you have been to Ilford, nothing compares. I have accepted that.




I am just drinking my 3rd cup of freshly ground (bean to cup, no faffing obviously), I will be back :rage:


Fresh beans…not supermarket vacuum packed shite, I hope?


I am a huge fan of supermarket crap :blush: The amount of coffee we get through Jim (about 1 kg per week), I would have to start working overtime to afford foo beans :roll_eyes:


You’re a lazy fucker :smiley: You can get freshly roasted beans delivered to your door for roughly the same price as stale supermarket vacuum packet beans.

You need to start making that mouse work for you mate :wink:




Been using my Sowden today.
Bloody lovely coffee. Fresh ground and steeped.


This weekend I have been mostly mucking about with the Kalita Wave. I borrowed the kit off a mate at work and early impressions are that it makes a very good cup indeed and is better than aeropress but with more faff and more to go wrong. I need to fiddle with the grind and recipe, so I will be getting one and the kettle. :grin:

Going through a lot of bean at pres, currently liking the Department of Coffee and Social Affairs range.


That kettle looks awesome!


It’s all part of the ritual!
Of course, a normal kettle would suffice.



“Jesse, we need to cook.”


You really need it. Without the swan neck you can’t get close enough to the grinds or pour gently enough. You need to pour in a spiral and the amount of water has to be exact, hence the scales.